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Nine days until the election. Already, people (or, at least, the press) are beginning to worry about the intricate difficulties and possible disasters of a hung parliament. During this campaign, the UK has seen an unprecedented level of interest and enthusiasm about politics. The political bickering of a hung parliament could quickly plunge all of those newly-registered voters right back into disillusionment with Westminster. Worse still, parliament could once again become thoroughly tedious, encouraging the return of apathy.

Since televised debates have been crucial in this election, perhaps a similar concept could liven up a hung parliament too? Set the whole process in a Big-Brother-style house, employ Nick Clegg as the Raymond-Blanc-esque guru and get Richard Hammond to present it. Unless it were scheduled against Britain’s Got Talent, ‘Hung’ (or similar) could keep politics popular for just a little longer.

Parliament TV control room

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