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It’s SO easy to do what everyone else does.

It’s also incredibly easy to do “a slight bit better” than what everyone else does.

I won’t lie – I’m very much guilty of doing this. It feels safer, easier and more orderly. It ruffles less feathers.

Small thinking, though, can be perilous.

You get lost amidst a sea of sameness.

Numbers might tick up slowly, but not enough to become joyfully energised.

The Answer? Going Bigger

It therefore pays to go bigger. To take bolder steps that achieve stand-out quality (be it visually, commercially, verbally, or a mix of it all.)

Going bigger is often the least risky option.

Here are three books I love on the topic:

Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull – The story of how Pixar remains creative and innovative, despite itself.

Unleash Possible by Samantha Stone – A wonderful business book with creativity at its heart.

Go Big: How To Fix Our World by Ed Milliband – The former prime ministerial candidate’s take on properly addressing our world’s heftiest issues.

Crucially, Going Bigger doesn’t necessarily involve higher spends or more resources. In fact, it often involves quite the opposite; a rebuild that achieves more with less.

So, if you were to stop everything, pause and think differently – what might you be able to achieve?