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If you’ve been following the evolution of Sideways Marketing, you’ll know that it’s been… well… evolving.

Perhaps I should have been more patient with some of the iterations of my brand proposition. But I think on balance, I prefer that I’ve adapted to market needs.

So, I now aspire to solve a MASSIVE problem that businesses of all shapes and sizes seem to be facing.

The Problem

Business’ CRM systems generally absolutely suck.

Why? Because they’re old, clunky, bloated or not fit-for-purpose.

Or, in fact, maybe they’re non-existent. Or just a spreadsheet.

This is madness.

Surely it’s common knowledge that successful businesses are built on the strength of their relationships with clients and customers. Why on earth would you settle for a cobbled-together setup for this most critical of functions?

CRM is critically important.

The Fix

I’m choosing to align my business with an exciting new CRM platform called Attio.

Now, Attio isn’t the only great CRM out there. Escaping the market-leaders Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive… you can find a huge array of other more modern options that might suit your needs.

Attio, though, is brilliantly built – exceptional design, incredibly powerful, but flexible to match the needs of businesses (rather than imposing unecessary functions.) It’s perfect for the kind of marketing I’d like to support clients with, so that’s what I’m running with.

A great CRM and marketing setup should:

  • Genuinely sit at the heart of your business
  • Be something your team actually enjoys working within
  • Allow you to build genuine relationships
  • Save you time and energy
  • Help you scale your sales and marketing

Get all that and you’ve got “The Ultimate Competitive Advantage”

But, lastly, you need to drive your new system…

The Opportunity

With the right tech foundations (see above) you’ll create an enormous opportunity to build, grow and monetise your network.

On a practical level, I mean you’ll be able to communicate with people on a 1-to-1, 1-to-Few or 1-to-Many basis. Ideally all three. Across email and social. At the right time. In the right way.

You’ll free up the team’s time and allow them to get creative in their approaches to relationship-building, maybe with some automation to make things even easier.

You’ll worry less about tech complexity – which will now be intuitive and enriched – and start thinking about how you use it to build connections.

You’ll be able to focus on the important stuff.

How Sideways Helps

Attio is easy to set up, but I’m going to help clients get started right, and also help with any more complex migrations and integrations.

But then, what I’m really excited about is helping businesses to use their newly simplified setup to achieve growth ambitions.

Content, campaigns, outreach… there’s so much potential for modern B2B marketing, and I think Attio can sit at the heart of it.

Want that? Reach out at