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During August I tuck in for a wee nap. Meanwhile, I’m up at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe writing The Pleasance Times, a daily print & online publication for the largest, highest-award-winning and best venue at the Festival; Pleasance.

Pleasance’s August has been stonking, crammed full of incredible shows, all-day-and-night events and well-deserved awards. The Pleasance Times has been with it throughout. I’ve picked out three personal highlights which were a joy to make and hopefully interesting to read, whether you made it up to Edinburgh Festival Fringe or enjoyed it from afar.

My top three are:

1 – Tabloid Special, Thurs 18th Aug 2011, Featuring: Bane, Late Night Gimp Fight Page 3, Fringe Fondles, Sarah Bennetto’s Ridiculous Riders, The Wrestling…

2 – Financial Pleasance Times, Fri 26th Aug 2011, Featuring: Spent Bust Bankers Fail at Fringe, Aindrias De Staic, Apply Within job advert, Pie chart of an average comedian’s day, Invitation to a lecture on Jacques Tati.

3 – Pleasance Times Awards, Mon 29th 2011, Featuring: John Malkovich attends award ceremony, Best Shoe Award & More, You The Editor Indie reviews The Pleasance Times.


The rest, so you can find your own favourite three, are available at:

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