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When somebody Googles your business, are they impressed to find this, or disappointed to discover this? Dilly-dally or get stuck in; what’s your attitude to getting your business online?

5 Reasons to Delay Sorting Your Web Portfolio

Web Portfolio - Delay

1 – The client books are full for now.
The books are chocka-block for the next few months, so it’s time to get my head down and crack on; marketing for clients can wait.

2 – Already listed online somewhere… Probably.
Anyone who searches me will eventually find my phone number, so those really need to can reach me, even if they have to rip my details off a flyer from 2004.

3 – My business is a mess in my head, let alone on a website.
My archives are all in a mess, and my business could go in any direction at any time. Summarising all that for a website would be a chore.

4 – Everyone already knows about me.
Business contacts and friends should know exactly what services I offer – I’ve told them enough times.

5 – This digital world is all new-fangled and confusing.
For all everybody says, websites are more hassle than they’re worth, and rarely generate any actual business.

If you’re happy with those reasonings, you’ll be happy to leave your business offline. Consider, however, the following…


5 Reasons to Crack On with Sorting Your Web Portfolio

Web Portfolio - Crack On

1 – Boost your client base.
Impressed by your website, new clients searching for your service will be encouraged to get in touch with you rather than your ‘no-web-presence’ competitors.

2 – When people search… they find!
When someone’s looking for you specifically, help simplify their search by providing all the info, and be in control of what else they see by-the-by.

3 – Present the best of your business.
Archives, business aims and directions often become clear once presented as a website. Presenting the best of your business in a web portfolio often works even better than a business plan in clarifying your achievements past and yet to come.

4 – Feel proud.
Show off the best of your business, not just to impress others but also to remind yourself what you’ve achieved.

5 – Make digital contacts for real-life business.
However you view online networking, it’s happening right now. With a great web profile you’ll be well positioned to make the most of online networking (or at least not miss out if someone else wants to get in touch.)


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