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It’s a tricky task.

How do you decide what to pack for a deliberate adventure into the unknown? Where do you buy it from? How do you determine which colour rucksack will seem the least obnoxious to locals?

By reading other peoples’ blogs, of course!

So here I am, giving something back to the world by sharing with you the contents of my very own backpack. (Not forgetting the backpack itself too.)

Travel Kit

From Middle Outwards, Anti Clockwise

  • Repel 100 Mosquito Maddener,
  • Earplugs (Orange),
  • Assorted Drugs,
  • Tiny Playing Cards (All the fun, less the luggage-load),
  • An All- Purpose Sink-Plug (Or, for hostile situations, a tiny rubber battleshield),
  • An All-Purpose No-Peg Washing Line,
  • One Of Two Travel Plugs,
  • A Mini Sewing Kit (I intend to buy fabric as I go and end up with a full length, multicoloured, dress),
  • 8GB USB Pen (To trap the world in portable digitality),
  • Camera Memory Cards With 8GB Memory,
  • Ipod Touch 8GB (For staying in touch worldwide – More on this soon),
  • Second Of Two Travel Plugs,
  • Lots Of Malarone (If the Repel 100 lets up),
  • Chlorine Waterpurification Tablets (In case I come across a stray, unclean swimming pool),
  • Hand Sanitiser x2, Travel Wash (All your laundry-day needs in one handy tube),
  • Digital Camera (Actually, the blue thing is it’s pouch because the camera was otherwise engaged – I tried setting a 10second timer then placing the camera itself in shot but it didn’t work so well),
  • A Large Travel Wallet (Keeps the paperwork safe and snug),
  • Under-Trouser Wallet (Keeping money and valuables were the sun don’t shine – Even in India!),
  • Sunglasses (Keeping eyes where the sun don’t shine – Especailly in India!),
  • GO! Travel Pillow (An energetically-named sleep-assisting device),
  • Headphones,
  • Microphone (So small you can barely see it in the picture, but I’ll send back sounds when I can),
  • Mobile Phone (With a pricey little global sim card from the good people at GeoSim),
  • Travel Towel (Apparently essential, but I reckon someone’s conned me into buying a small piece of felt),
  • Fake Wallet (To be filled with Monopoly money, in case of mugging)
  • First Aid Kit (Global health scare? Who you gonna call? Me!),
  • Teensiest, Thinnest Sleeping Bag Ever,
  • Even Teensier Mosquito Net,
  • Bag, (Tested at Nomad’s Shop, bought for half the price at Gapyeartravelstore)

I have decided to omit clothes from my pack – This is because they take up valuable space, and I have heard that it’s usually very hot out there in the world anyway. I shall report back on whether this was a good strategy.

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