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The EU Referendum is, if I’m honest, a pretty complex issue. Not one I feel particularly qualified to weigh in on, despite having read quite a bit about it over the past weeks/months/years.

Rather than take a complete punt, then, I’ve decided to make up my mind based on the opinions of (among others), these folks, all of whom seem like quite reliable political guides:

Cornish Pasty makers
(Let’s start strong, here, people…)

9/10 Economists

The almost-always-voice-of-reason Will Hutton

The Mail on Sunday (in direct opposition to its weekday counterpart)

Podrick from GoT + Cho from Harry Potter, so it’s only Podrick, and Cho, not exactly big-guns. But good on them for leveraging their small roles within enormous global brands for the good of the nation.)

400 club footballers, and their fans

(This one comes with caveats, sure – but nobody’s claiming this EU thing is a black/white issue, are they??)




John Le Carre himself–and-keira-knightley-back-the/

(“Yes we can” says “No you shouldn’t”.)

People who like wine, and not being screwed over by currency conversion rates

42 Farmers (not just farmers, though, these are ‘leading’ farmers)

Chuka Umanna, with ethnic minorities front of mind–in-eu-black-minority-ethnic-labour-mps

Boris Johnson, the high profile Brexit-backer himself

“The Continent’s Corporations” – yikes, sounds pretty darned important!

Doctors (“our NHS”)

Presidents/Chancellors/Prime-Ministers of India, Australis, China, Germany and elswehre…

The IMF, an organisation of 189 countries working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.



School Teachers

Eddie Izzard (He ran 27 marathons to mark his last point – a man of some conviction, then…)

Mr Bean, Arthur Dent, Miranda, Bridget Jones and The Vicar of Dibley… apparently

Luther, Stringer Bell & Nelson-flippin-Mandela

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