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One of my long-standing favourite blogs is the brilliant Springwise
I thought I might share it with you… 


For those inspired or entertained by programmes like ‘Dragon’s Den’, Springwise scans the globe for brand new business ideas.  What sets Springwise apart from similar enterprise blogs, though, is that they don’t just google their way to the latest business trend, but actually head out and about to forage street-level ingenuity.  It all works a little bit like stumbleupon, but in the real world!

Ideas range from ‘Adults Only Colouring Books’ to footballs which generate electricity for use in the third world.  One of my recent favourites (delivered to my email in a fortnightly update) was the report on French company Ultime Réalité, who offer thrill-seekers an entirely new experience: kidnap.  Springwise’s Article shows this as an adventure experience for those who find bungee-jumping tiresome.  A 900Euro investment secures customers the ‘basic kidnapping’ package, and the prospect of being kidnapped at any point, before being tied up and held captive for up to 10 hours.

Springwise updates can be delivered directly to your email.  It’s great for a glance, and it might even get your own business creativity fired up.

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