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I walked through slums and saw a smile
A wave, a gleam, a welcome call.
I walked through slums and smells and dank
And shared a greeting with a child.
On equal terms I walked through slums
Stooping my head under cables and drips.
My feet conveyed me through the slums
Crunching on plastic and squelching on sewage.
Another child runs to me through slums
After defecating on piles of rubbish (with a smile.)
One trickle of water passes through slums
Emerging hopeless and misused.
The river runs through slums
Collecting the decay of humankind.
Yet millions of people amass among slums
And emerge smiling.

Slumdogs are industrious.
Slumdogs are thankful.
Slumdogs are optimistic.
Slumdogs are smiling.
Slum dwellers are no more dog than I am.

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