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Businesses do amazing things. Amazing people, amazing services, amazing results.

Amazing amazing amazing. A rainbow of amazingness.

…but prospective clients – and, in particularly, C-Suite and decision-makers – don’t have time for your full spectrum of amazing. They’ve probably never heard of you and they’re definitely not interested enough to hear your brand’s life story.

The answer? Reverse refraction.

It’s all about infusing all that amazing ‘colour’ into one brilliant bright white light.

By finding the most powerful combination of your spectrum of services and offerings, we create a simple, clear and relatable message that opens doors and starts conversations with time-poor prospects.

And, magically, once we’ve used our bright white light to make a connection, our audience are likely to discover the rainbow through their own curiosity.

Next time you’re trying to figure out how best to message a CEO about your offering, think about putting it through a reverse refraction prism first.

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