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Welcome to the new year!

We all know that 2023 didn’t treat everyone in business kindly. But I hope, like me, you’re feeling optimistic that better times are ahead…


Let’s Make 2024 Better

At Sideways, we’re focused on making 2024 a better year for my clients – and particularly for those with sales goals to achieve.

This is a year for positive, well-informed forward momentum; nailing the basics, amping up what works and smashing those goals.

We also feel passionate about reducing unhealthy workplace stress, and strongly believe there’s a world where business development is both enjoyable and successful.

Examples of how Sideways can help achieve all this include:

01 – Introducing you to a wholly better CRM / ATS – something brilliantly-built, that your team will actually enjoy using, and that turns your hard-earned relationships into cash.

02 – Making compelling sales materials and zing-y interactive pitch decks that win you business. (Here’s an example.)

03 – Building accurate target contact lists using AI-powered technology, ready for focused sales and marketing campaigns.

04 – Automating LinkedIn and email outreach ‘busywork’ – enabling you to expand your network significantly with minimal graft.

05 – Producing really great “lead magnet” content that earns attention and reduces the need for hard-sell. (A bit like our guide – How To Win High-Value Clients In 2024.)

Want to know more about any of that? Book a call and let’s chat!

Let’s make 2024 brilliant.