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Account-based marketing (ABM) is a methodology that requires well-designed technology. In this quick fix guide, we’ll cover what you need.

The opportunity: With the right tech, you can keep focused on high-value target accounts and build strong commercial relationships.

How It Works: Essentially you need a way to tag and track target accounts. Some CRMs make this easy, and others less so.

Top Tips:

  • Use or similar to identify target accounts ready for import to your system as ‘ABM leads’
  • Tag target accounts in your CRM. This is easy in HubSpot, but my favourite system is Attio – which is incredibly intuitive and customisable
  • There are ABM-specific technologies like DemandBase, though these have relatively high barriers for entry
  • Use your CRM to identify customers you have a strong existing relationship with, and consider ‘expanding’ these accounts
  • Automate workflows, such as sending high priority notifications when target accounts show signs of activity
  • Link your CRM with advertising and retargeting tools to serve ads to your target accounts
  • Track interactions with, and the lifetime value of, target accounts using your CRM’s reporting

Get It Done

DIY: Start simple by finding a way to label and track target accounts within your system.

With Help: Realistically, to do ABM properly you’ll need some specialist expertise. Go to your preferred CRM partner, or ask us for advice.

Full Guide: If you’re in the mood, check our full guide, How To Win High-Value Clients