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Amazing! Magnetic Man is in the Top10. Even more amazing; that a shop in Cambodia has that information displayed.

So glad to finally read Paul Theroux’s ‘Night Train to the Eastern Star’ – the Bangkok to Siem Reap section reads like a better version of my diary.

Hopefully someday the seemingly-fruitless pursuit of camcording stone temples will be rewarded with a sudden collapse.

Poverty makes smart kids.

Apparently 40% of Cambodians are under-15. I looked this up because I guessed – kids are everywhere.

Mmm coffee cures.

I’m a sucker for ‘Free WiFi’ signs. This time it lied.

Pub street is filled with restaurants.

$0.50 is probably my cheapest ever pint. Darn, I actually missed happy hour by a minute. $0.75 makes the larger taste bitter now.

Siem Reap’s Water Festival; a cacophonous lesson in how not to set up sound systems.

One advantage of not installing middle and top speakers is that track mixing becomes virtually unnecessary.

The sirens of Cambodia’s jungle sing “Sir you buy scarf, you want some cold drink.”

It’s a sunset party in my ears and nobody else is invited.

Sunset! Quick: get the camcorder.

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