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1 – ‘Days’ Buffet, Brighton

Tagline: Eat As Much As You Wish (Note: ‘Wish’, not ‘Can’)

Location: Brighton, 75-79 East Street (Five whole addresses of goodness)

Concept: Over 100 dishes, including Ribs, Noodles, Sushi, Salmon, Dim Sum, Jelly, Chocolate Fountains, Curry, Samosas, Rice, Vegetables, Mussels with cheese coating, Spring Rolls, Prawn Crackers, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Japanese pickles, Teriyaki, Soup, Fruit, Nuts, Drinks, Cake, Prawn toast (I ate them all and more…)

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2 – Blood Donation Clinics

Tagline: Give Blood

Location: All over the place

Concept: Specifically set up to provide an invaluable resource of Blood for the NHS, Blood Donation sessions also provide free biscuits, a nice sit/lie down and a healthy sense of self-worth.  Better still, you only have to go when you feel like it, and they send you greetings cards from time to time.

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3 – Crealy Adventure Park

Tagline: Rides and Slides and Cool Fun and… (Well, for the rest, you should really hear the audio jingle at

Location: Exeter and Somewhere in Corwall

Concept: Ingeniously, Crealy is a giant kids playpark (or small theme park, depending on how you look at it), which also opens for grown-up parties overnight.  Nothing could ever be better than re-living ones childhood play memories whilst also hitting friends and relatives round the head with a tiny-tots foam block.

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