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Disappear Here 

Welsh producer trio Hybrid have put out their fourth studio album this week.  It is certainly a more subtle offering than past releases, but also comprises a wide variety of styles, paces and sounds.  I first noticed Hybrid after hearing their beautiful epic track, Blackout, and was then hooked in by Dogstar on the powerful ‘I Choose Noise’ Album (one which definitely needs to be heard with the bass turned right up).  

‘Disappear Here’ seems like the work of a more seasoned and comfortable artist.  Using their classic blend of orchestral flourishes and meandering synths, Hybrid settle in to the music, pulling their punches and creating an enjoyably smooth album, rather than relying on one-off hits.  That said, ‘Take A Fall’ stands out for me as a powerful representation of exactly what their name proposes, Hybrid music.  Vocals come into particular focus here, building on a strongpoint from previous albums.  ‘Disappear Here’ comes recommended for fans, although ‘Morning Sci-Fi’ might be a better starting point, and ‘I Choose Noise’ is far more DJ-friendly.  Hybrid, as ever, show just what is musically possible when you combine an orchestra with a live band and process the result into a piece of electronic music.

‘Disappear Here’ on eMusic (to whom I am grateful for multiple excellent free-trials!)

‘Disappear Here’ on

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