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Somebody who spends forever leaving and never arrives.*

Walking camera advertisements, these holidaymakers follow guides with numbered umbrellas held high.

Nicknamed ‘snails’, these youngsters stop at nothing for a discount. The actual bag is rarely necessary for travel, but looks quite cool.

Home to stylish people living on a pittance (besides unlimited booze funds). Free tea a bonus, early check-out time a detriment.

An excellent source of free information, clean toilets and top-floor city views.

A hostel without the colourfully painted walls.

Free lunch:

Free beer:
Stinking lie.

Public bus:
Departs from a station 10km out of town. Arrives somewhere vaguely near your destination.

Tourist bus:
Eventually arrives at your destination after several unannounced detours to souvenir shops and tourist cafes.

Limited to… “How long are you here?”, “Where’s your next stop?” and “Do you know how this microwave works?”

Neither extreme nor sporty, this is actually a way to get free accommodation. Meet somebody on the internet (or, of course, pick someone up in a bar) and stay at their house.

The Lonely Planet “never recommends” hitchhiking in any country. It is therefore the coolest way to travel.

* I feel sure I have plagiarised this, but can’t remember its author…

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