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They say that two heads are better than one. This mantra encourages partnerships both in life and business.

For some time, I’ve been puzzled by the staggering number of comms towers which clutter each city skyline. They protrude across landscapes and obstruct the very best views. Worst of all, more often than not, each one carries just a smattering of antenna or satellite dishes.

Why is this eyesore so prevalent? Because India’s communications companies refuse to work together. Each company will erect their own tower in each required location, regardless of whether it lies directly beside an existing tower. A horrendous example of how poor business relationships can ruin a town.

In Jaisalmer, fiercely competitive markets have forced an excess of trade inside the walls of the city’s historic Fort. As a result, it is now slowly collapsing – an occurrence that would spell disaster for their entire tourist industry.

A few local business owners are now in talks with UNESCO about methods of preserving the Fort, but it seems this is too little too late.

Clearly the ‘every man for himself’ mantra goes a long way here in India, but perhaps a tad more teamwork might not go amiss.

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