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Pushkar is a sacred place. Bramah cast a lotus flower out of his hand from atop the mountain, which resulted in the formation of three lakes (…or something along those lines.) The largest of these lakes now attracts pilgrims from far and wide. It is the site of the world’s only temple to the god Bramah. Any attempting to replicate it meet with the curse of death. A sacred and unique location.

Never ones to miss an opportunity, locals have cashed in by cramming shops and restaurants as close to the water as possible and scamming visitors with demands for holy donations.

I imagine that if I were Hindu, such invasive annoyances might distract me from the purpose of my visit. As a mere tourist, however, I feel only occasional twangs of guilt in enjoying what is actually a rather nice little town.

Best Boogie Spot
Atop Pushkar’s mountain, at the summit of a treacherously rocky path, lies a temple, cafe and – brilliantly – record shop. The shop pounds out bassy beats to accompany your sunset viewing. Thanks owed to the poor sod who carried their two subwoofers up top.

View of the sunset from atop Pushkar's mountain

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