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As you can see here, I’ve been writing loads as I travel. But it looks like I’ve forgotten to provide an update of where I’ve been going. Here’s an update:

Day 15 – Jaisalmer – I was ill. Too hot.

Day 16 – Jaisalmer – Others rode camels. I was ill. Watched stars.

Day 17 – Jaisalmer – Feeling better, I rode a camel while watching sunrise.

Day 18 – Bus to Bikaner – Rubbish Rat Temple visit.

Day 19 – Bus to Mandewar – Stayed in an ancient havelli.

Day 20 – Minibus to Delhi – The same bus in which we were shot at on Day 1.

Day 21 – Dehli – Watched Commonwealth Hockey then overnight train.

Day 22 – Varanasi – Disgusting place mildly lifted by a passable boat ride.

Day 23 – Train, Bus, Rickshaw, Walk and Taxi to Lumbini, Nepal – Travelled this arse of a journey with four Portuguese vets.

Day 24 – Lumbini – Buddah’s birthplace is a calm escape from Indian bustle.

Day 25 – Journey to Chitwan – Meet German Katjia, stay on a farm.

Day 26 – Chitwan – Canoe trip on the Rapti, then an elephant ride through the jungle.

Day 27 – Bus to Kathmandu – Got lost. Saw temples.

Day 28 – Kathmandu – Indian embassy shenanigans consumed most of the day. Met hippies.

Day 29 – Bus to Bandipur – Stunned by the hilltops, went hiking. Met lovely Dil.

Day 30 – Bandipur – More hiking. Villagers made me lunch. Saw Dashain sacrifice.

Day 31 – Bus to Pokhara – Rode the roof through the valley. Wandered into Old Town. Lakeside too touristy.

Day 32 – Pokhara – Writing this blog. Hoping for Himalayan views.

Where to next? I’m not really sure. Awash with recommendations, I think I shall pootle back along the less trodden path to Kathmandu. I must find time to chill and rest before my return to India and its behemothic city; Mumbai.

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