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I’m really conscious about posting something on the theme of “I can get you X# qualified leads a month”…

…but, like, I have done.

Via lead magnets 🧲

Things like:
â–ª Salary surveys
â–ª Content-rich microsites
â–ª Relocation guides
â–ª Trend reports
â–ª “Grab & Go” templates
â–ª Product listings
â–ª Prize draw competitions
â–ª Live broadcasts and recordings
â–ª Career guides
â–ª Training materials

All these reached niche target audiences, elicited contact details and gave sales consultants qualified leads to convert into customers.

And some only took a few hours to make.

It’s not always easy…

➔ You need to find something that really resonates
âž” Ideally something your business is uniquely placed to advise on
âž” And you’ll need to figure out how it will reach your audience; using the right tactics, technology and messaging.

But the thinking time is well worth it!

The investment pays off for weeks, months and years – these aren’t 1-time content hits; they’re assets that provide long-term value for your business development efforts.

Could your business benefit from a killer lead magnet?

Let’s chat!