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There is a tendency in Thai culture to live for the moment, not for the past and not for the future. A Western-managed hotel on Koh PhiPhi was achieving great revenues during peak season, but struggling to get by during the low season when occupancy halved. Some Thai consultants proposed to improve profitability, promising to match high season revenue streams throughout the low season.
Their plan? To simply double room rates during low season, thereby solving the problem once and for all. Of course, this woefully short-sighted idea resulted in a desertion of customers and in the hotel’s closure before the high season could come back around.

Some years ago the popular beach destination of Koh Samui found itself with a surplus of public cash. It was decided that the money should go towards filling in the island’s abundant numbers of potholes, which caused in the region of 20,000 injuries and deaths each year.
The plans, unfortunately, were opposed by two of the island’s major companies, both of whom had recently built new wings; two hospitals. They claimed that road surfacing would adversely affect their business. A Thai Court concluded in agreement with these healthcare providers, and set a limit of 5%/year to pothole-filling activity.

Many of Thailand’s major rail and road ways are badly in need of renovation. Who stops it happening? Domestic airline.


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