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Getting the attention of certain key individuals can be transformational for your business.

Whether it’s the CEO, the CFO, the CMO or any other CXO / MD / VP… sometimes your message has to go all the way to the top if it’s to get any traction.

Imagine this ‘big boss’ is literally in the corner office of a swanky skyscraper. Think of all the gatekeepers you’d have to get through to reach them. Grueling, right?!

There’s good news, though! Because C-suite audiences are massively open to making new connections that can evolve their business / increase revenue / streamline operations / etc. So, whilst they might be hard to reach, ultimately they’re keen to hear about your ability to achieve their ambitions.

And actually, in modern times, it’s possible to use more direct and creative routes to get attention.

So, a few tactics we can use:

  1. Crystal clear positioning – First, we have GOT to make sure our messaging is refined down to its most powerful essence before we can hope to get attention.
  2. Direct digital prospecting – Don’t scoff! Really well-crafted direct outreach via LinkedIn and email can actually work. Although the hit rate might not be great, why wouldn’t you at least give it a try in the first instance? Don’t go straight for the sell, just start by creating a relationship.
  3. Ads & Content – On their own, these will do precious little for your inbound. But COMBINED with a proactive outbound strategy + social selling + in-person networking, your content will help build a powerful C-suite-connection machine.
  4. Turning mid-managers into advocates – Back to those ‘gatekeepers’; let’s convert them into advocates. We could give them some powerful resources or materials they can show their bosses to make them look good.
  5. Really good in-person networking – Always a winner.

Best of all, combine at least a few of the above. Done properly, you can absolutely create a reliable and professional setup that retains an important element of playfulness and personality.

Think positive and believe in the value you’re bringing. You’ll find a way.